Clever Choice Design Floors


Life is full of choices.  Clever Choice choose to supply superior flooring products, so you can have confidence when your floor is a Clever Choice.   There are cheaper floors, but they are not the same density nor have the same stability as our award winning High Density Clever Choice Flooring.   We would like your to enjoy the best floors available in Australia, that offers the highest quality and real value for money.


Quick, Glueless Installation

  • No glue is good for you!.  Clever Choice Flooring glueless 4-Side Clever Click system makes for a quick and easy installation.

Easy To Clean

  • Clever Choice Flooring is easy to keep clean, easy to maintain and comes with a 25 years residential warranty.

Modern Style

  • Clever Choice Flooring is available in a range of designs, colours and sizes to match all of your desires.

Superior Consistency & Quality

  • Clever Choice Flooring is the bench mark in quality flooring.


Eco-Friendly Harvesting Techniques

  • Clever Choice Bamboo uses low environmental harvesting techniques, incorporating compliance with FSC standards and GECA.
  • 1/110th of the Time to Mature as Most Harwoods (Plus, it's Stronger!)

Clever Managed Bamboo Forests Reduces Greenhouse Gases

  • Unlike wood plantations, our bamboo is not all harvested at the same time, ensuring that forest is always present and reducing greenhouse gases.

Waste-Free Processes

  • We ensure the whole bamboo tree is used effectively for manufactured products from flooring to tooth picks, eliminating any waste.

Product Brochure

Clever Choice Brochure
Variation and flooring facts
Loba Care - Treffert
Loba Care - MSDS
Peerless Cleaning & Maintenance Guide
AFTA Bamboo Flooring Guide



Flooring Facts:

 Dark Floors are high maintenance. Dust, Foot

 prints and scratch are more obvious than on
 lighter floors

 Bamboo and Oak flooring consists of natural
 variation in colour and shades. Colours may
 vary from batch to batch, and to sample  boards found in stores

 Providing a 9-10mm expansion and  contraction coverage with your skirting  and/or Scotia is essential for best  performance

 Under cutting plaster board or skirting prior  to installation is good installation practises

 Using an antistatic dust mop daily will assist  in maintaining a great finish on your flooring

 Laying your flooring on Clever Sound  Underlay,will give you a quiet and more solid  feel

 Fitting suitable felt floor protector to the  bottom of all furniture will help protect you  Clever Choice flooring from scratching.