When Quality Matters, Make a Clever Choice

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Variation in flooring
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Flooring Facts:

 Dark Floors are high maintenance. Dust, Foot
 prints and scratch are more obvious than on
 lighter floors

 Bamboo and Oak flooring consists of natural
 variation in colour and shades. Colours may
 vary from batch to batch, and to sample boards
 found in stores

 Providing a 9-10mm expansion and contraction
 coverage with your skirting and/or Scotia is
 essential for best performance

 Under cutting plaster board or skirting prior to
 installation is good installation practises

 Using an antistatic dust mop daily will assist in
 maintaining a great finish on your flooring

 Laying your flooring on Clever Sound Underlay,
 will give you a quiet and more solid feel

 Fitting suitable felt floor protector to the bottom
 of all furniture will help protect you Clever
 Choice flooring from scratching.

The Quality Choice, The Sustainable Choice, is Clever Choice


Bamboo embodies the universal connection of all life on this planet. Every room of the house can be decorated or accented with beautiful sensual bamboo flooring material and accessories. Clever bamboo is highly versatile, requiring little care yet having an appeal that can change a mundane setting into an exotic oasis. Its natural beauty and strength makes bamboo one of the most elegant and versatile flooring choices available.

Bamboo is one of the many Chinese plants that has symbolic meanings. According to the poet Bal Juyl (803AD) bamboo can remind us of dignified and gracious qualities that human beings might aspire to.

Bamboo bows before the storm and rises unbroken, a symbol of resilience. It's hollow stem represents open-mindedness.